The Charm and History of Evergreen Cemetery in Santa Cruz

Sep 22, 2023

Welcome to Evergreen Cemetery of Santa Cruz, a place where history lives and stories of the past are preserved for generations to come. This historic cemetery, located in the heart of Santa Cruz, holds within its grounds a treasure trove of tales waiting to be told.

Unveiling the Past

Evergreen Cemetery, established in the early 1800s, serves as the final resting place for many influential figures in Santa Cruz's history. From pioneering settlers to renowned community leaders, each gravestone tells a unique story that contributes to the rich tapestry of Santa Cruz's heritage.

Traci Bliss and Randall Brown's Hardcover Book

Traci Bliss and Randall Brown's hardcover book is a tribute to the lives and legacies of those laid to rest at Evergreen Cemetery. Through meticulous research and a passion for storytelling, the authors bring to light the triumphs and tribulations of the individuals interred in this hallowed ground.

Immerse Yourself in the Stories

As you delve into the pages of their book, you will embark on a journey through time, experiencing the joys and sorrows, successes and struggles of those who helped shape the identity of Santa Cruz. From tales of resilience to accounts of transformation, each story is a testament to the enduring spirit of this vibrant community.

Preserving History for Future Generations

At Evergreen Cemetery, the past is not merely a memory but a living legacy. Through meticulous preservation efforts and ongoing research, the stories of the individuals buried here are kept alive, ensuring that their contributions to Santa Cruz's history are never forgotten.

Explore Evergreen Cemetery Today

Whether you are a history enthusiast, a lover of tales untold, or simply curious about Santa Cruz's past, Evergreen Cemetery invites you to discover the beauty and significance of its grounds. Join us in honoring the past, celebrating the present, and shaping the future through the power of storytelling.

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