Search Engine Optimization: What is SEO and how can it help my business?

The Word SEO, or Search Engine Optimization Spelt out with gears

Search Engine Optimization: What is SEO and how can it help my business?

What is SEO?

SEO is a process that drives traffic to a website from search engines unpaid and organic search results list. In other words, the search engines will process what a user is asking it, and place your website high in their search results, if done correctly.

For many businesses owners who are not savvy to the online world, the question of what search engine optimization (SEO) can do for your online business is common.

Search Engine Optimization: What Is SEO And How Can It Help My Business?
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What can SEO do for my business?

Investing in Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is just like investing in marketing materials such as flyers or online ads, however, there is absolutely no greater return than the one you will receive from increasing organic traffic to your website.

Achieving high search engine rankings can exponentially increase your website traffic which can result in more sales, more sign-ups, and more contacts.

Just like in the offline word you are constantly competing with competitors for new customers. In search engines you have new competitors waiting for you! Professional SEO services can help put you ahead of your online competitors so they find you first.

Before starting SEO, think about what you would want site visitors to do on your website?

Do you want them to call you, fill out a quick form, sign-up for your eNewsletter or purchase a product?

Whatever you need them to do – make it obvious, don’t make them wonder, use a call to action!

If you tell site visitors what to do they are more likely to do it.

SEO drives the organic traffic to your website and as they arrive on your website you can convert them into customers.

So just how much organic traffic will I get?

There is no one answer for this.

It depends on your niche, keywords used, how many back-links you have, how optimized your website is, and many other factors.

Optimizing your website will, however, bring you more organic traffic than using pay-per-click (PPC), Adwords, or other paid ad campaigns and internet marketing you may be thinking of or are using.

One of the first steps of SEO and Search Marketing is keyword research and Website Analysis.

Keyword research involves determining which keywords will likely bring your website the most traffic. It is important to use keywords that have a good search volume, however, it is also important to consider how competitive your keywords are.

The more competitive a keyword is, the longer it will take to rank your website in Google, Yahoo!, Bing and any other search engine.

By Analyzing you website, we will be able to see what pages are the most important to your website and that will inform us which pages need to be optimized so that those pages rank higher in Search Engine Rankings.

We use many channels to analyze your website and may have to get your website signed up to these different analytics websites including webmaster, google analytics, and many more.

The Second Step our SEO Company does is On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization entails quite a few different strategies and tactics.

We will take the Keywords and analysis that we researched in step one and apply our techniques to each of your web-pages so your website has the best SEO and chance to appear high in search engine results, even above your competitors!

This process is everything from implementing the correct meta tags, sitemaps, creating alt texts for your images, interlinking your pages, linking your pages to outside sources, deleting duplicate content, and the list goes on and on.

Third, we will implement Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization is an on-going process that never ends.

These SEO strategy will tell search engines that your website is has a high website authority.

To increase your websites authority, we will need to do many things and these differ from local to international websites.

These tactics include link building and backlinks, citation listing, indexing, and we will not bore you with the rest of the lingo.

It does not stop there!

SEO is a forever changing and updating process that you must stay on top of, or your competitors will overtake you.

Keeping up with SEO is extremely vital if you, and you should, wish to stay on top! Some of the techniques we will use to keep you there are:

Monitoring your competitor, monitoring your web-pages, creating new content, adding keywords, backlink creation and backlink analysis, and on and on

SEO will bring relevant traffic to your website.

Relevant customers are customers who are using search engines to find exactly what you are offering which makes it even more likely you will convert site visitors into customers.

Professional SEO services help keep your website high ranking in search engines.

Unfortunately, there have been many websites that are ranked number one in Google and then are nowhere to be found the next day due to Google’s algorithm changes that happen without warning or information.

Ultimately, professional SEO services help you with your web presence.

Is there a reason to have a business website if it doesn’t get any traffic?

The answer to this question is no. If you have a website, that means you want the internet to help find you more customers. You MUST optimize your website immediately!

If you want to experience growth online and offline, SEO is an essential marketing tool for your business.

SEO is more cost effective than aimlessly going after un-targeted leads. New, targeted leads will result in sales and increase the bottom line for your business!

Do not hesitate, Contact us today for your FREE one hour consultation and website audit!

For more info on SEO visit SEJournal or check out our Search Engine Optimization page!

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