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At Deep Sea SEO, our team will be dedicated to you and your marketing needs. Our goal is getting organic traffic to your website and this will get you more customers. We understand the struggles most business owners have and want to make sure you succeed in both the online and offline aspects of your business in Tampa, Fl.

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Our local SEO practices will get you ranking high in search engines results pages to put you ahead of your competitors. Tampa is a fast growing and competitive area. To stay ahead of competitors, you must keep up with the ever-changing Digital Marketing Tactics. At Deep Sea SEO, we are very hard working and dedicated to making sure that your online presence is more and more successful everyday!

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Professional Digital Marketing in Tampa, Fl

To get your business ahead in the Tampa, Florida area, you must have a strong online presence. When you start Digital Marketing in Tampa area, you will be putting yourself ahead of your competition!

Tampa has a population of about 3,245,540 people and those are just the residents that live IN Tampa Bay.

Our goal is to attract as many of these people so they see your website at the top of their search engine results pages.

The Average income for the area $54,599 and age is 35 years old.

Using this information, we can appeal to the masses in our marketing strategies and SEO tactics.

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SEO in Tampa Bay

Local SEO in the Tampa Bay Florida area is very important to a business and website success.

Creating Citations by listing your business on local directories such as Yelp and Google is not enough these days.

Let our SEO Agency handle your Tampa Business’ SEO and Digital Marketing to be sure you have nothing to worry about!

Our team of Digital Marketing services are a fraction of what any other SEO company charges and we give you a much better service!

Our one on one approach will give you a personal SEO project manager that will learn your company, and work as hard as possible on your online presence to be sure that it ranks as high as possible ( #1 is the goal!) in all relevant local searches and search engine rankings.

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Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction are our top priorities.

If you are not happy with our service than in turn you will not be able to give your customers the experience they need from your services!

Also, if you have any questions or concerns we will be more than happy to address them immediately so you do not have to worry.

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Honesty is the glue that holds our partnership together.

We will keep you up to date every month with reports on projects that we are working on for you.

If you want more clarification for anything or reports sooner, just let us know and we will be more than happy to get them for you.

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Our reliability sets us apart from many other companies.

Day or night, if you have an issue with our services, or need advice on something we will be happy to assist you in any way we possibly can.

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Our hard work speaks for itself.

From the moment you hire us, we are working hard on getting you the customers that you should be getting (including customers from competitors).

Hiring us is the first step in making your online presence more discoverable, which in turn means more clients.

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We will work tirelessly with out SEO strategies to get more clients to you by dedicating time to learn about you and your business.

By learning what your business represents, we will be able to focus on how to get you more clients!

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Your success is our success, but the fight does not stop when you are at the top!

It takes hard work to stay on the top and we will fight with tooth and nail to keep you there!

Our Search Engine Optimization techniques are proven to get to search engine rankings high and keep you high on the search engine results page.

SEO Strategy I: Site Analysis and Keyword Research

Initial Site Analysis step we learn about your website, what your goals are for SEO, and determine the best keywords to use for your campaign through keyword research. We have discovered that finding high traffic, low competition keywords generates the best bang for your buck.

During this step we will request you provide us of a list of approximately 25 keywords / key phrases that you believe people would search for to find your website. Based on this list we will perform keyword research to determine if searchers are using the keywords you suggested or any similar variations. We will report our findings to you and ask for you to select a final list of keywords based on your SEO package.

Depending on the package you select we also review your website content and conversion techniques. Based on what we find we may make suggestions for improving visitor conversion if your website does not already have a powerful call-to-action.

SEO Strategy II: On-Site Optimization

The On-Site Optimization step is a one-time per page process that prepares your web pages for search engines. This step is important as its purpose is to make sure your website is set-up properly for search engines and organic search results.

There are several on-site optimization techniques that are used to prepare your web pages for search engines. Some of the techniques we may use include (but are not limited to): setting up a Google Analytics account, submitted an XML sitemap, and editing various meta tags.

SEO Strategy III: Off-Site Optimization

Off-Site Optimization is an ongoing process and requires continuous work. It is important to continue with search engine optimization efforts once your website is ranked for two reasons:

To stay ahead of your competitors who are continually trying to get first page rankings

To keep up with search engines as they continually change their algorithms for how they rank websites.

There are several off-site optimization techniques that are used on an ongoing basis to achieve top search engine rankings. Here we again use our tested and proven strategies to achieve high rankings for your website such as link building with backlinks, citations from directories, and many others.

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